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11 Most Interesting Facts About Jason Statham



Jason Statham is an English actor, martial artist, and former diver whose career has taken some odd twists and turns along the way.  Ever since he chose to follow his own path, rather than to settle into his father’s market stall business, he’s done pretty well for himself. He starred in a range of action films from The Transporter to Crank, with over 40 other productions under his belt grossing a combined total in excess of $1 billion.

He usually performs his own stage combat and stunts and is noted for being typecast as an antihero. Off-screen, he’s the strong, silent type, preferring to be modest about his martial arts and diving skills and quiet about his personal life.

Here is the list of 11 interesting facts about Jason Statham.

At the beginning of his career, he tried his luck in his father’s business. “I was a sort of fly pitcher street corner con man who sold jewelry and perfume out of a briefcase for many years,” admitted Statham. He sold shoddy merchandise to anybody he could convince to buy it. Eventually, he came across, believe it or not, Guy Ritchie and sold him some goods. Soon after Ritchie realized he’d been conned and he tried to return the items.

Statham wouldn’t budge, which is apparently when Ritchie saw the potential in him. Before long, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels was released. The rest is history.

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